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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Assembly Line Conveyors, Heavy Duty Conveyors, Assembly Line for Break Paddle Assembly, Over Head Conveyors, Flat conveyor with Varible Speed, Belt Conveyors, Rolar Conveyor Accessories, Free Rolar Conveyors, Load Manipulator, Oven Forming Process Equipments, Brake Pedal Assembly Line, Clutch Pedal Assembly Line and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Assembly Line Conveyors

Conveyor for First in First Out (FIFO) using for assembly Line. Vertical and horizontal distance can be adjustable. We offer top quality assembling line conveyors. Our conveyors are catering to the needs of various industries viz. packaging industries, automotive industries, assembly lines and pharmaceutical industries. These conveyors have tremendously helped in improving the production line.

Heavy Duty Conveyor

We have specialization and experience to offer our clients superior range of conveyors made from premium grade raw material, our experts work with our clients to manufacture customized designs as per their specific applications. Our conveyors are used in all the industrial segments.

Assembly Line for Break Paddle Assembly

Using for assembly of break paddle from child part of the componnets

Multi Points Torque and Load Conforming Setup

Test Rig for load checking of the various assembly

Over Head Conveyor

We offer over head conveyor for various application

Flat conveyor with Varible Speed (Belt conveyor)

This conveyor is used for transfering material from one location to required position Flat Conveyor for long distance

Rolar Conveyor Acce

Rollers for gravity Roller Conveyor

Free Rolar Conveyor

Rollers for Gravity Roller Conveyor, we offered for various types of gravity roller conveyor and rollers according to the customer requirements

Load Manipulator

This equipment used for handling the material This will reduse the fatigue of human and increased productivity We offer manipulators for 150 KG with pneumatic system Pick & Place Manipulators are designed for automatic loading and unloading of components to machines, presses, conveyors lines, etc. Heavy components, hot billets, fragile or hazardous components etc., are handled with clockwork precision. Two, three, or more manipulators can be combined together to run multiple work-stations, several forging presses, conventional or CNC machines, etc., with only one opertor.

Oven Forming Process Equipments

(Contineous forming process plant) This equipment used for continuous forming of nylon tubes, polyurethane tubes. This plant is offer high productivity and quality product. This system is implemented first time in India by J K Automation. The polyamide tubes are used for various application of automotive sector