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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Special Purpose Machines, SPM Machines, Honing Machines, Machines, Assembly SPM Machines, Test Rigs, Air Spring Test Rigs, Air Spring Leak Testing Machines, Oil Seals Test Rigs, High Produtive Cut to Feed Length SPM, Automatic Date Punching Machines, Automatic Date Stamping Machines, Automatic Hot Fusing SPM, Fully Automatic Fabric Cutting Machines, Leather Profile Cutting Machines, Seaming Machines, Paddel Leaver Pad Assembly SPM, Machine Tools, Test Rigs, Mirror Pivot Assembly SPM, Dynamic Test Rigs, Hand Break Testing SPM, Flexible Hose Pipe Cleaning SPM, GSL Assembly SPM with Greese Dispensers, Offline Test Bench and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

High Produtive Cut to Feed Length SPM

We offer you exquisitely designed and engineered to perfection fully automatic Cut to length SPM . This SPM is high productive and very accurate feeding and cutting of Derlin and PTFE tubs and rods, pipes and sleaves, Mattal stripes etc. with pre-determine Length and Quantities. Suitable for Automotive and Engineering Industries, Rubber Industries etc.

Automatic Date Punching Machines

We offer you cost effective and fully automatic date punching machines. These date punching machines are used for punching of dates to make it suitable for packaging. It leaves a lasting impression on all types of packaging material of different shape and sizes.

Automatic Date Stamping Machines

We bring to you automatic date stamping machines which are typically used for document tracking, numbering forms and date validation. These machines come with a variety of features suitable for product identifications and hot lettering on the surface of the products.

Automatic Hot Fusing SPM

We present to you widely used, cost effective, high performance and durable fully automatic fabric and paper profile cutting SPMs for mass production. This fully automatic machine is used for mass production of thick and thin cloths, fabric and paper profile cutting and has found wide application in various industries.

Fully Automatic Fabric & Leather Profile Cutting Machines

We manufacturer fully automatic fabric and leather profile cutting machines & SPM's, These machines offer cutting the fabric directly from the bulk bobbins. No manpower is required for operations

Seaming Machines

This SPM used for seal the metal container

Paddel Leaver Pad Assembly SPM

Fixture for Assembly

Art of Machine Tools

Test Rig This is dedicated for variour type of break paddle validation test rig Using for validate the break paddle assembly of cars

Pinion Bearing Assembly Hydrualic SPM

Hydrualic operated bearing pressing and assembly SPM Used for fitment and pressing of bearing

Validation Test SPM

Mirror Pressing SPM for ORVM of cars

This SPM will take care of back plate and the mirror pressing without any dammage during assembly

Online Validation Test Rig

Test rig for validation of key and sockets

Mirror Pivot Assembly SPM

Pressing and rotating movements for various industrial assembly solution

Mirror Assembly Line Setup

We offer complete assembly solution and testing of different types of automotive mirrors

Dynamic Test Rig

(This rig is used for test the dynamic condition of gear shifter and the gear box

Hand Break Testing SPM

Endurance Test Rig for Hand break
This equipment is used for test the life cycle of the different types of automotive hand breaks

Flexible Hose Pipe Cleaning SPM

Flexible hose pipe cleaning, leak testing and pressure testing SPM. Used for various types of hose pipes

GSL Assembly SPM with Greese Dispensers

Assembly SPM with Grease accurate dispensing This equipment is used for assembly of Gear Shifter of automotive vehicle like cars and commercial vehicle (Light and Heavy Duty)

CNC Type Fabricating Machine

Profile cutting machine Used for programmable profile cutting of clothes and various types of fabrics

Molten Steel Transporter

Used for foundries to transfer liquid steel to pour cating location This machine is suitable for foundry, core fill in the trolley lifting and transports at specified location with out any shake (impact) this will save the shape of core till casting. Lifting capacity is upto 5000 kgs. These equipment is suitable for glass, eggs, ceramic pots, statues etc.

Data Capturing Test Rig for GSL Assembly

This rig is used for validation of GSL assembly with a cable. This will check all physical parameters and store data in computer This rig will record angle of the movement, torque during movements and displacements of cable during lever shifting. This equipment is very precise and reliable. Movements are controlled by servo motors and ball screw for smooth motion.